Magneto Problems 09 RMZ450

A few weeks ago the crank went out on my 450 and when I got it torn down I noticed a small metal piece in the flywheel. It looks like this piece has taken a small piece out of the magneto as well. When I looked up a new flywheel and magneto I found them on sale on motosport for $500! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to possibly find one cheaper or if the bike still might run with a flywheel and magneto that is slightly damaged. I am VERY skeptical about putting it back together like this because I would think that any kind of imbalance on the flywheel would be bad for the crank and if the magneto is damaged I would think it would affect the amount of power it would generate. So any information on how to find a used one would be greatly appreciated because I really don't have $500 more to be spending on my bike right now. I checked eBay with no luck.

Thanks for the help!

If you're looking for less cost, just keep looking on e-bay. One will come up eventually.

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