oil level question


I just started the bike for the first time after my 2nd oil change and ran it very slow for about 5 minutes around the back yard (small yard, 1st gear just above idle). I then let it idle for about 2 minutes, shut it off and checked the level. It was way high (about 1" over the top mark). According to the plastic oil bottle markings I poured in about 1.7 US qts. which is supposed to be what it takes with a full change (filter too). Do you guys find that it really takes less than what the manual says, or maybe did I not let it run long enough after changing it to get a good reading?


Thought it was supposed to be 1.5L after oil filter replacement and 1.4L without oil filter replacement. In my manual it states the total capacity is only 1.6L, but not sure if there's a difference between different years. Mine's a 98, unless they increased the capacity with the 426s, not sure though.




98 YZ400F

The frame is narrower than an oil bottle where the dipstick measures it and I'd guess 1 inch at that point is only 2-3 ounces of oil.

Considering that the 426 is a dry sump engine and the extra oil is carried in the frame and not in the engine where it would be whipped up by the crank/gears/etc I dont think you've got a problem.

Estimating 1.7 is a little tough and its also unlikely that you were able to get ALL the oil from the engine, a little in the pump, a little in the line, a little sitting in the bottom of the cases.

5 minutes is plenty of time to get the oil where it belongs.

Dave S (yeah right, like I'm some kind of expert!)

Thanks for the reply.

I Just checked the manual and it is 1.5L with a normal change (1.6 US quarts) and 1.6L with a filter change (1.7 US quarts). This is an '01 426. I will have to check it again after I ride some more and see if it changes..


You aren't screwing the dipstick in are you? It's supposed to be checked without screwing it in. Just a thought.



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Do you guys check your oil with the engine running or not? I check mine running....I also do 1.6qts for oil and filter on a 01 426. 1.5 is without filter change.

Nope, not screwing it in.. I wonder if the markings on the oil bottles are off by that much?

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