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Rode a TXC511 with 2012 suspension...

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Just thought I would post a ride report for those looking at the 2012 449/511's. We had a NW gathering and both Kris the head of husky USA and Jason the NW rep were out there. Kris had got the 2012 511 suspension overnighted to the gig so we could try it. (amazing effort :busted:). I had just walked over and Jason said go try this out. Well OK then... Went for a rip. First off the 2011 TXC511 rips holes in the open trails we were sampling. Amazing bike. Corners come up REALLY fast on that monster. At first it was pushing the front end some and was to lively. I suggested some settings, Jason made them and out for another loop. Getting good now. Then a few more tweaks and smack, there it is. Bike felt super planted, handled trail trash well and stayed straight and controllable as things got fast and rough. Would have been great to try it back to back but the new units did seem well sorted and the bike worked great. Not sure it was a ground shaking change but it did seem well designed.

On a side note i have my personal Te511 suspension off to Richard at House of Horsepower for a complete fancy suspension job. Will report back. I love the stock stuff but when pushing it it will get pretty floppy. It is simply sprung and valved to soft for me although quite tolerable and useful as is. Richard is a frisky dude so I'm not sure what to expect. He has done some amazing work for me in the past and i told him what I use the bike for and wanted it left trail plush not race stiff. We will see as he is a racer at heart.

Never know what your going to get with him. Sent my WR144 suspension off for a revalve and it came back looking like factory race crap. :busted:


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