Suspension help for a beginner.

Hey guys. I have roughly 700 miles on my W and I havent done anything with the stock suspension settings. Is this stupid? The suspension feels ok but I am used to bikes with horrible suspension so I guess I really wouldnt know if it is set right for me. I am 6'5 and weigh 185. I ride mostly power lines with alot of rocks and pretty hard packed trails. Does anyone have any advice on how I should adjust the suspension and if so What clickers to adjust. Ive never adjusted suspension before in my life and am quite confused thanks in advance :). D :D

First thing you need to do, pull out the book, find out what the stock settings are SUPPOSED to be, and then go to the bike and check them. Mine were all messed up, left side six clix out, right side eleven. Not good.

Hook up with better riders, swap rides on their bikes, find out what feels different, better or worse. Ask them about their setups, this may give you ideas of where to start. :)

Think about what the bike does now. Is the front squishy? does the rear kick you up when you go over water bars? For the front, compression adj. is on the bottom, rebound is on top. Want it stiffer, adjust comp. in a click at a time. Want front wheel to return faster, turn the rebound out a click at a time. I like my rear shock to have soft compression (a little ways from bottom out) and a little on the stiff side for rebound. For the rear, compression is on top (both) and rebound is on bottom. I have my rebound set at about 7 clicks out. So with my forks about neutral for comp. and rebound, and my rear comp. set for soft with rebound a little stiff, I can rail little kickers with speed and my bike floats nice and level, up hill or down, doesnt matter. A good place to start is to count the clicks it takes to go all the way in. Then go all the way out. That way you will know where you are in the range. All the way in is closed, so just logically go from there. Hope this helps...

post this on suspension,probably get more feedback...

My first suggestion would be to get your sag set right. The instructions are in the manual. Then you can play with the adjustments. Like someone said get it set to the stock settings, don't just trust they are right. What you can do then is while your on the trail make a few small adjustments, ride it a ways, make adjustments again, don't change more than 2 clicks at a time. Then you can find out what you like.

You will find out pretty quick what the adjustments are doing for you. When you find what works for you it will make the bike work for ya a lot better, and safer too.

Read the manual and find out what the stock settings are supposed to be. Then confirm that is indeed where they are. Then set the sag for your weight with riding gear. Ride it and adjust from there according to your riding style and terrain.

I'm about your heigh and weight, also ride very hard pack and rocky trails. I've chganged my springs to 0.42 so the fork goes down to 2 fingers from bottoming on a regular toughf ride. Any thing you do to your setting, you must push the bike hard pressing on the tank cap and it MUST go down (front and rear) at the same time.

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