Need some advice on front brake pads...

I heard the hot ticket is OEM Honda brake pads...what year and cc are you guys talking about.

I am sick and tired of aftermarket brakes lasting 3 rides - then toast on both my yz 250 and yz450f

Are you riding in a lot of mud? Three rides is pretty quick to destroy pads.

If your YZ250F is an '06 or earlier, and the YZ450 is an '07 or earlier, the pads that fit an '04 '06 CRF450 are the ones that work. If your bikes are later models, they take a smaller pad, and you'll need to match them up to use a Honda product.

These were recommended as a solution to increase stopping power, though, and not to address a wear problem. Three rides on a set of pads is pretty crazy.

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