Eastern Massachusetts riders HELP!!!!

with the hurricane irene and the recent freak snow storm...the trails in the plainville/wrentham/franklin area are absolutly trashed...downed trees and branches every where some stuff is easily gone around but alot of stuff is too big to even make a trail around, forciing us to ride some streets...im sure this is the case every where...however...me and some local riders including alot of young riders have cleared alot of trails after the hurricane with chainsaws and what not...if anyone rides these trails which NETRA has rides here alll the time(wrentham state school, wretham outlet area) would like to have a few days before the winter to clear as much as we can and continue through the spring, please contact me...508 840 4040 or message me on here my name is Frank....these are some great trails i have been ridin all my life and have been ruined by these storms...any help at all appreciated!