Sunline arched SL1 pegs

I know these sunline arched SL1 are arched and wider, question I have is the width equaled evenly on both sides, I am hoping the front dimension is the same as stock and and widened only the rear of the peg, reason I am asking is with the stock peg on the shifter side I am hoping that the front edge of the sunline peg does make the gap closer to the shifter, otherwise I may hay to get a longer shift lever.



Those pegs are awesome! Good question, id imagine it would be a little wider on both ends. I have size 11 feet and I didnt really notice. But I moved my shifter up one notch which always helps when shifting while standing. Its a lot easier to get your foot under especially if u have thick soled boots. Move your shifter up i guarantee youll love it. Dont be afraid to move shit around

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