wtb xr head

i have a xr 1984 250r dirtbike that needs a head and camshaft to run if anyone has one sitting around im interested in it thanks

I've seen some for sale on eBay. Have you checked there yet?

Good luck, the 84 and 85 had a lot of overheating problems.

84s had an oil volume problem. I've seen dozens of them that have never had the head off so long as the oil level is watched religiously. 85s had the sump enlarged which improved the situation. 86s added an oil cooler which seems to keep them running even when oil is neglected. Problem with 84s is the dual carb heads are getting very hard to find in useable condition. They can be converted to use the later single carb and head but it's expensive because those heads are only slightly easier to find. Cams are all the same for 84-85 200 and 84/94 250 RFVCs. 95 up changed the lobe spacing and rockers.

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