ttr 125 alot of bikes

I have been scanning craigslist for a 125 tumper, TTR, DRZ or KLX for a kid down the street. He blew his RM65 all to hell. He has out grown it so Im lookin for him a new bike instead of putting money into a rebuild. I have found like maybe 3 DRZs 1KLX and like 10 or 12 TTRs. Whats up with that? Obviously the TTR is more popular.

Yep, the TTR is WAY more popular and for good reason. it is a really good bike for an up and comer.


The DRZ, TTR and the KLX are good bikes...however, a kid coming off of a 2t 65cc bike may just find the heavier trail bike a dud.

The TTR is a very popular bike especially in my area. But dont get me wrong, the KLX and the DRZ are excellent reliable bikes.

But personally i had a 08 ttr125l. And that was the most realiable bike i ever had. And it always ran good too!! I beat the snot out of the bike and it kept running and running and running.

The main thing is your maintence. If your going to change the oil, clean airfiler, grease your wheels and suspension then your bike is going to treat you well for a long time.

Just my 2 cents

thanks and good luck!!!


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