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Hand Cramping

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I've had a problem with hand cramping and tried something this weekend that worked for me.

After hours of trail riding my hands would start to cramp. It wasn't arm pump. My hands would involuntarily close up. I had to force them open to get it to stop. It was very painful and made it difficult to keep riding.

I went riding on Saturday and that morning I ate a banana for the potassium, and my wife had me take some calcium & magnesium supplements. We rode for about 6 hours that day. In the past standing up brought on the hand cramps. Of the 6 hours we were riding I stood up for at least half of it without any cramps. This was a huge improvement. In the past if I rode standing on the pegs for an hour my arms would not stop cramping.

I'm not sure if it was the potassium, magnesium, calcium or all 3. Whatever it was it worked. It is soooo much more enjoyable to go riding when you aren't fighting your own body.

Just wanted to share and hope it helps others. :busted:

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Thanks for posting, good tip !

have blown many a hare scramble finish due to the dread lobster claw hand lock!

It has gotten better, I realize I was taking too much of bike "hit" through hands.

Staying forward and countering reaction through feet. Still having a couple of fingers threatening full lock near end of 2 hr HS. I have finished races with only thumb and 2 fingers working throttle near the end. I am 53 and sweat freely which doesn't help I'm sure!

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drink, or apply topically?

Suppository, Or drink. Depending on how bad you want take

Your mind off the cramps

Seriously though. It works great for leg cramps. I've never had

Hand cramping so I'm not sure if it the same kind problem

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