Updated Oil Filter For '09?

Hey, guys! I finally pulled the trigger on a YZ250F and picked up an immaculate white '09. I'm stocking up on oil filters and noticed that Yamaha changed/updated the oil filter from p/n 5D3-13440-00 to 5D3-13440-09. Does anybody know why? What was changed/modified with the filter design?

The dealer tried to tell me that the old p/n would be fine to use, but I feel like he was just trying to sell me on it because that's all he had in stock (why would Yamaha provide a new replacement filter if the old version is still okay for use?). I ended up buying a pack of six Hiflofiltro HF140 filters through ebay and the box says that they replace the 5D3-13440-00 Yamaha p/n. Does that mean these are the same design as the outdated OEM filter, and therefore should not be used?


You should be using Hiflofiltro HF141 filters .

You should be using Hiflofiltro HF141 filters .

Hiflo's website says for '09-'11 (and presumably '12) the HF140 is the right application. HF141 is for '03-'08. This is how the ebay seller listed them as well. Am I wrong?

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corrected part #

Okay, I have a HF140 and HF141 side by side. The only difference I can find between the two is that the '09-'11 filter (HF 140) has significantly less tension on its spring compared to the '03-'08 filter (HF 141). Is that a bypass feature, or just used to provide tension against the filter cover in order to hold the filter in place?

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