TTR 250, starter motor turns, but not the motor....

Picked up a 2001 TTR250 for free and the starter just whines, won't engage and turn motor over.

Does this motor have a sprag clutch or something similar I need to look at?

Kick starts just fine, albeit with a kick of a bull, the battery is new. bike may have 500 miles total.

Has been sitting for 4 years......

Also, do all these bikes need a heavy "kick" to start these things??? I actually have to kick the kick starter. I can't just put my boot on it and push down on the kick starter, I actually have to elevate my foot and kick the crap outta it. starts first kick everytime though......

you may have bad contacts or the brushes may have built up with dust, take the starter out and give it a clean, make sure your battery is fully charged and operational first though incase thats the problem, also i road my mates TTR250 same year model, it was easy for me to kick over im 6"5' though maybe its easier for me, also i think they had an auto decompression you might want to check that out

The starter clutch is not engaging. Find the electronic copy of the TTR-250 service manual (on this site) and look it up. It will require pulling off the side cover to investigate.

Thanks guys.

Too bad the link to the manual no longer works....

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