Another tt500 suspension job

Hey, saw everyone was talking about doing a pe250/400 swap on the tt500's. I've got a pair of 77 tt500's and finally found a 1980 pe250 to steal the swingarm from, unfortunatley it is a steel swingarm from. So my question is, did i eff up and get the wrong year pe:bonk:? and if the steel swingarm will work has anyone tried running fox piggyback shocks on this conversion?

is your swingarm like this one? this is a steel 1978/79. any good shock would work if set up for the s/arm geometry. the shocks on mine are pe-250 and the springs are way to stiff. (just using them for mock-up) forgot---tt500 s/arm bearings fit the steel pe arm so you can use the tt s/arm bolt. good luck.


bergman whats that front end off of. are you still in building process.

I think it's off a RM-250 around 2000 (showa), and yes still in the building process.

Thats what the swingarm i picked up looks like. Thank you for posting the picture. Looks like your bike should be pretty sweet when you get it finished up. The reason i was asking about the fox piggybacks is i was looking for a set of adjustable shocks, i weigh about 165 and the other guy that will be riding this bike is right about 300, so i was hoping for something that would be easily adjusted

thats a pretty big spread in weight. if the shocks have comp. and rebound adj. a simple spring change would work. now if you are talking about fox air adj. shocks, they might just work.

ya, the fox floats is one of the sets i was looking at. anyone know where to look for a set? i'm having a hard time finding a set 16" long

So I finally got around to pulling the pe swingarm off and getting it onto my tt. Here's what i found, the swingarm itself is 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch narrower than the tt frame. The pivot bolt bushing that the bearings sit on from the tt slides right into the pe swingarm, which makes the original pivot bolt from the tt useable. I used spacers from both swingarms and it bolted up perfectly.

I have that same swinger on one of my TTs and it fit up just great. I combined it with a pair of Works shocks and a KX front end with disc brakes. Handles excellent with the de-raked stock frame.

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