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99 XR200R restore-footpegs/plastics/etc.

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hey all, so ive snooped around the forum but had a tough time finding definitive answers on some things. I am restoring my 1999 XR200R, it was my first bike so its special to me.

It needs wider pegs: cants find them anywhere, so will XR250 or XR100 ones fit? Ive seen weld on ones, where do those come from?

I would like to throw some new plastics on too, but the only white front fender i can find is from Maier and its like $65 or something crazy. Anywhere else to find these?

Suspension: I know that the best thing to do is swap out forks and shocks from earlier models, but im not doing that unfortunately. What are the best springs for this thing? Would racetech have these? ive seen some progressive springs for these too. Do i have to change oil level in the fork with stiffer springs? and what is this air PSI in the fork thing?

Sorry for the zillion questions thing. just stoked to get this thing cruising again!!!

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