Shorten the wheelbase? Worth doing? 99 YZ

99 YZ 400. What can I expect? Is pulling a link out of the chain worth doing.

if you pull a link out of your chain you might hit the tire on the swing arm.I added one tooth to my rear sproket and i wore a small hole in the mud flap from rubbing with a new tire . measure before you cut

It worked great for me, my tire is near the mudflap thing but in a couple years of riding it hasn't torn it off or anything. I also have the forks 10mm above the triple clamp... these two changes got it to corner way better.


'92 GSXR 7/11 (But I never ride it so you should buy it...)

'99 YZ400F 'cause thumpers rule and two strokes drool!

'02 Honda CR450F - Coming in October!!!

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