To have ACL surgery or not......

I tore my ACL a week & a half ago. My Dr. says it's my decision if I have the surgery or not. He does the cadaver method. What would be the disadvantage to not having it? What's the recovery time like? Most importantly, how long before I get to ride?

My patients leave the hospital walking on their own two feet, return to work at one week, and MX at three months.

Cadaver cases may do as well at one day and one week, but will rupture their dead grafts if they return to sports before 12 and 18 months.

Long term graft rupture in cadaver cases in active people is nearly 25%. In someone's own tissue about 4-5%

Cadaver installations are easy. Autograft installations take much more experience.

If you want to give up riding and live a sedentary life from now until you die, always being careful of your knee, or if you want to have a total knee replacement in 10-20 years, don't bother fixing it. Without an acl to stabilize your knee, you're at extreme risk for cartilage injuries that lead to arthritis that lead to being crippled.

I tore my acl in june, and did some research. I couldn't find any good reason for an otherwise healthy and athletic person who wants to have a real life to use any other method than the opposite leg patellar procedure that dr sanders prefers. I don't believe the cadaver graft is suitable for athletes.

Recovery time varies dramatically depending on your fitness level, dedication, and the skill and experience of your surgeon. I had dr sanders do my surgery july 8th, and I was riding confidently 3 months later. Don't tell dr sanders, but I was riding carefully on easy idaho singletrack after only 6 weeks (including riding other people's bikes up the hard stuff because it was easier than helping them). I hate stationary bikes, so I was carefully riding my mtn bike on easy 2tracks the week after surgery as part of my rehab and to keep from going crazy.

I would NOT get a cadaver graft if I were you. Ask around and find another doctor. I had a previous experience with a botched collarbone surgery that dr sanders fixed, so I didn't want to take any chances this time, and that's why I flew to houston to see him for the acl. It cost an extra $1000-ish, but it was done right the first time and got me my life back in the shortest possible time.

its a bigger decision than what you can imagine...i would read Dr Marks blogs by searching on ACL...there is a lot of personal experiences out there...

if you don't read and study your options, you will be a testimonial of what not to do for others...

be careful and read...oh by the way, get a great experienced surgeon...its worth every penny.

I had my torn ACL fixed using the cadaver method. This was over 13 years ago at least. I tore it playing Basketball. Doc said if I wanted to play Basketball again without a knee brace, get it done, it's going to provide the necessary stability back to the knee. I have had no problems since then doing various athletic activites including basketball, bowling, 5Ks, softball, skiing, mountain biking, and motocross since 2002. Whatever method you choose, get it done.

Thanks for the replies & info. I'm definately going to have it done, now to find the right Dr. for the job.

Thanks for the replies & info. I'm definately going to have it done, now to find the right Dr. for the job.

You just got the best advice from one of the best knee Doc's in the Nation!

A trip to Texas will be the best money that you ever spent! I drove 14 hours to see Dr. Mark and it was well worth it. I see a lot of messed up knee surgery's in my line of work.

I was able to drive the 14hr's back less then one week after surgery on nothing more then Advil and pain free!

i didn't use dr mark but from testimonials about him he is well respected for his techniques...and the outcome...and worth doing the road trip...

I had the cadaver method done by a well respected surgeon in Boise. After two years my knee has never returned to normal. Go with Dr. Sanders.

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