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gidday all from steve(australia)

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bit about me-

ride 08 550fe .Had since new, finally last week gave it a top end rebuid even though it still ran well,started well and did not use oil or blow smoke.

This berg had done 17,640 ks(no bs).All i have replaced bar consumables are cam chain,starter clutch,clutch plate and head stem bearing (all once only).

Its been an awesome machine.

Live about 7 ks from border ranges nsw/qld border.

When we pulled motor down it was still in quite good condition.Valves were starting to wear but not badly.

cheers steve.

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Hey mate, nice to meet ya. thats one reliable bike ya got there. Hoping my 06 wr250 will hold up just as good, done 8000km in a year and still going strong.

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