I need a reapair manual for a 2007 450/505 sxf

Does anyone have a pdf file or know where I can get this manual? I'm trying to install new cams on my bike and want to make sure I do it right....Thanx so much!!

They can be ordered from any dealer / online

E-Bay...There's lots of them there.

I am in process of top end rebuild. A couple of things... KTM says you need to check radial clearance of camshaft bearing with their plastigauge. It will take forever to get it thru KTM and cost $20+. Plastigauge is actualy a brand name and you can get it from any parts store for $2. You want the green one (smallest).

the engine needs to be at TDC with cam lobes facing outward. There are holes on the lobes and those line up parallel to top of head. The holes are about 3/8" diameter and it is unclear if the top or bottom of the hole should line up with top of head. Looks to me like bottom of hole lined up to edge of head is the right spot. You need to press off/on the timing gear on the cam aswell. definitely check your valve lash when done.

spark plug removal is a royal PITA without special tool. I took a spare socket (16mm...I THINK...) and kept working it on bench grinder until I could wiggle it into the hole, then the perfect length socket extension, or you can't fit ratchet under frame.

and when the valve cover bolts back onto the cam bridges.... careful. those cam bridge holes strip super easy. I believe cam bridges are line bored with head... whaetver it is...you can't replace cam bridges, you have to replace complete head. I went to local machine shop and he heli-coiled my srtipped cam bridge.

good luck and I hope it is smoother for you, than it's been for me.

thankyou very much for the advice. I'm going to try the cd route to be sure, also I would like all the tech info such as torques ect... You guys are great

dez, I can help you with pdf. PM me. save yourself some $$, cuz KTM will gladly take it from you when you start buying parts.


You need to press off/on the timing gear on the cam aswell.

??? Shouldn't the cams just go right back in? What do you mean by this? Guess i'm missing something...

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