VMX 1980 MX bike?

Alright so I'm looking for a little bike that has a bit of go, but not wanting to spend too much money. I've been looking around and I've found a few older CR80's and YZ80's.



Just wondering if they're still good reliable bikes at this age and can handle being thrashed around a track.

the major thing is parts avalibility. that cr looks in better shape. may i ask why you want one?

Yeah I thought so, probably not the best idea to go for such an old bike.

Well I've had 3 bikes over the past few months, YZ85, KX80 and a CR125R. They where all great bikes, but I just wanted to try out all the 2 smokers haha. Next is a CR250R, but I loved riding my YZ85 and KX80 because they fit me perfectly, but just didn't have enough grunt. I'm 55kg and 5ft 4"

I thought of maybe getting 2 bikes, a CR250R 90-96 (found a half decent 96 model)


and a little bike like an older CR80 as I can't afford 2 relatively new bikes. I also want another bike for my mates and my uncle for when we go up to the river, I'm thinking I should maybe get a new 1990+ CR80 now though. What do you think?

if you can get a newer bike for the same price i would always buy the newer bike unless if you were looking for a specific year.

Yeah I'll have a look. It's just I've seen some old YZ80's and that beaten up a little, but still running for 250-500 and they'd be a lot better than buying a chinese pit bike or whatever, probs wouldn't last though so.

Almost any bike can re reliable, but it has to be maintained. If you are smaller then 5'4" then I would grab one.

round here you can pick up an 00-2 yz 80 for about $600

Yeah well, over here they're around $1,500-2000.

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