SPOKE torque wrench

any recommendations ?

best place to buy ?

anybody have any ideas ... craigo :busted: LOL

the TT store has the EXCEL wrench at a reasonable price , anyone have one ?

I was under the impression that they are good to use with new wheels, but once the spokes started getting gunked up that the readings could be off. For example if the spoke threads are corroded, tight, and difficult to turn, you may think it's torqued properly when in fact it is still loose. I guess if you get one, make sure you still tap the spoke to make sure it is ringing properly. Don't just rely on the torque wrench. I thought about getting one years ago, but I just stayed with my standard spoke wrench. If I did alot of wheel building, then I'd have one for sure.


yeah , i am aware of the corroded or tight spokes . i have new wheels so no problems :busted:

I have an Excel spoke torque wrench and love it. Also bought it from the TT store for a pretty good price, imo. I believe there are a couple different kits with varying amounts of wrench "bits". I just went with the basic kit and has everything I need for my stock Excel SM wheels and my Warp 9 dirt wheels (different spoke nipples).

I got it primarily because I also got a new set of dirt wheels at the time and needed a way to accurately torque the spokes during the "break-in" process. Now I use the wrench once or twice a season to make sure the wheels are squared away.

a side question: is it normal to use anti-seize on the spoke threads?


anyone have the tusk wrench ?

any recommendations ?

best place to buy ?

anybody have any ideas ... craigo :busted: LOL

Sorry Mate..I missed the start of your thread...the guys seem to have it covered....:busted:

I have never used the Tusk wrench....

Great price....:busted:

yeah ~ i just bought it

just received the wrench .. i tested it on my CRF spokes which i just recently ' pinged '

i found 3 loose spokes that i assumed were good

not a bad device at all .

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