'07 250 XC-F opinions please

Hey, I need some feedback on '07 250 XC-F, such as... was that a good year for this bike? Any reported flaws, how much have they changed to date? Just any info would be great, hoping actually to hear some negatives. Oh and this bike has a 280 kit and Z-start Pro Rekluse, Full FMF exhaust (powerbomb header) Thanks! :busted:

I have an 07 250 XCF, it is my favorite bike over the years. I also have a FMF Q-4, recluse clutch and my supension was done by Drew Smith at WER supension in New Jersey. The bike has lots of hours on it. I had to get a new cylinder and piston a couple of years ago because I ran it too long without installing a new piston. The new piston has 109 hours on it now and it is running as good as it did at 10 hours, strong for a 250 four stroke.

Jetting is critical on these bikes, get it right and you will love it and get a lot of good service out of it.

Thanks Timbuck2!

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