New KTM 2011

Sold my Honda CRF450X and bought a brand new KTM EXC450.

First hour I had to get used to the bike. It is lighter, steers better etc...

One point I was not happy about was my rear suspension.

With the first service at my dealer he changed the original spring to a heavier WP spring, and since then I am really happy with the KTM.

So now a new happy KTM rider added to the already Orange colored Off Road scene in Holland.

Very cool I bought mine after selling my 03 WR450. Night and day difference.

Rear spring seem ok on mine but my forks could be a little more plush. Probably do a revale and shorten travel a bit as I am a bit tiptoed in certain conditions. Awesome bike I love it!

All you might need to do is increase the rear race sag to 110-115mm and raise the fork tubes a little in the triple clamps.

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