CRF250R 2010 Crankshaft option

After 35 hours, I saw a very little ammount of sand grain size cooper particle in my oil filter. So it's the off season here and I'm won't trust my crankshaft for another season.

I want your opinions on the some option I have.

1-Hotrod connecting rod with static balancing 250$

2-Honda crankshaft 300$

3-Falicon or Carrillo connecting rod with static balancing 400$

4-Falicon connecting rod with dynamic balancing 650$

I'm a novice track rider with some trail ride. I check for something bulletproof for the next 100 hours, but not sure I want to spend 600$ unless it's really really really THE option

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Go with #3 option. At that point, you would be having your stock crank re-fitted with either a Carillo or Falicon rod and bearing. Great set up and your crank has already been heat cycled equaling a much truer balance.

By the way, you caught it at the right time. Whatever you do, don't start that engine again. You could be looking at much more than just a crank and bearing if you attempt to run it. It's now a ticking time bomb. Please take my advice on this last paragraph. If you don't, you'll wish you did. I've seen this movie before.

Believe me, I ever rebuilt a complete engine with a clogged oil pump. I'm not gonna take a chance with it. The third option is the one for now I like. Not really more expensive than a brand new unit, but better than one. With this option I'm able to rebuild it for 800$ new top end include.

Since my 450R failure, I ever open my oil filter and inspect the paper after every oil change, so every 5 hours. So I'm really happy to catch it so soon

A friend of ours had a falicon CRF450 crank snap in half at the crank pin. So I'm not convinced there is any tried and true best crank option.

Check what happen to my crankshaft. Finally the ''cooper'' particul in my oil filter was....rust





This is a 2010, Bought brand new in july 2011

35 hours

Engine oil inspect before every ride

Engine oil and filters change every 5 hours

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