Movin on up

So ive bin riding my 85 bigwheel for 6 months now and im getting tired of it and im looking to move up to a 250 4 t. Is the riding much different? Are jumps easier to clear? But mainly will i have fun?

Thanks ,flickin.

get a 125.

a lot of it depends on how big you are, in both height and weight. A 250f is a full size bike and a lot bigger, i know when i made the switch i had some trouble on tight ruts and corners. Switching to the bigger bike also made it harder to ride out swaps, front wheel washes, ect for a little while. Jumps should be easier to clear. Then again as long as they aren't too big a good rider on a 85 should be able to clear just about everything on a track. If your not to big and having trouble getting speed for jumps i would suggest staying on the 85 for a bit, it will make you a better rider and faster when you do move up.

hey i love my kx 100 im 200 pounds and im fine on it

I think staying on a small bore 2 stroke is smart as well.

I am rather large on my bike now and i have heightened it alot and am not enjoying the 2 stroke way of life, i had fun on my friends 4t 150 made me want change

I went from a 85 2t small wheel to a 250 ft and its alot easier than you would expect of course your height and weight considering, if you think your ready i say go for it as long as your comftorable, I've improved hugely on my 250 over the 85.=

Ask someone at a local track if they'll let you do a lap on a 250f personally im short and skinny and feel the 250f to be a hog! Id go with a 125/150, there harder to ride fast but once you get the hang of it you feel like your hauling even if your not

hey i love my kx 100 im 200 pounds and im fine on it

You might be fine but you bike is crying. HAHA

when i was 14 and 9 months i was on my 85 bigwheel, and all my mates had 250f so i wanted one. my parents said nah dont think your ready but i said i was. so we go to look at this bike and we end up bying it, and i couldnt even start it. i dropped it the first time i threw my leg over it ( i was about 5'4 then ) but i could ride it OK. my parents said, we arent buying another bike so either adapt to it if your ready like you say you are, or sell it.

i wanted to prove i was ready so i would practice everyday for like a month. now 6-7 months later, i am a way better rider, i clear every jump infront of my, i drop the bike into every rut, and i smash through berms with so much confidence. it was the best move ive ever made to get that bike. plus i have built so much muscle from it.

i think you will love the bike, depending on your weight and height. but then again im only like 5'6 or 5'7 and about 135 lbs. get a yz250f though. :busted:

Yea i dont get everyday maybe every sunday MAYBE i would really like to but i cant

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