Revalving the Forks and Skocks of My KTM 450 XC-W

I have a 2009 450 XC-W and am looking to revalve the shock and forks my self. I am looking for any help in how to do this. I have all the tools I need for my forks but I am still alittle fuzzy on the tools I will need for my rear shock. I have redone my forks and seals many times and am pretty familiar with the inner workings. I have never had any experience in tearing my rear shock apart. Also they are the stock forks (cartridge style) and shock (WP PDS- no linkage).

To give you all a bit of a background, I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 205. I race Vet B class in Hare Scrambles that include a lot of fast sections, tight woods, alot of rocks and roots, and some MX. THe dirt is anywhere from loose and loomy to hard pack clay.

Any help anyone can give I would be all ears! :busted:

i would not consider it , the pds is by far the hardest shock to service and requires a good few special tools, unless you do one a week take it to someone that knows the pds.

So would I be better off buying a set of forks and shock from a 2009 SX-F? Or would I just be better off to get the shock serviced, save my money and revalve the suspension when I get a newer KTM like the 2013 450 SX with Linkage?

not really, you should have a go at the forks if you feel confidant, but send the shock to someone that does pds a lot, they are just too much hassle for a novice.

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