The new GoPro2 HD camera

Has anyone seen or have one of these yet? It seems to be a upgrade to the original GoPro HD camera. With the GoPro2 it says it has a WiFi hookup to where you can stream vids live via PC or smart phone or device.

All though I dont completely understand it all the way but from what I read,with the WiFi bacpac you can be able to use it on your camera with it mounted on your helmet and with a PC at your truck with someone operating it can be able to watch you ride in real time (being thats if the track or location you are at has WiFi).

Be pretty neat if all the tracks had WiFi then it would be worth it. Like I said, I dont completely understand all of it so maybe you all can help.

I think its what they have been using in SX/MX when Speed or whatever channel is covering , shows the "Hot Lap" , i believe that is how they show it , is a direct link , so i would guess all the GoPro footage we see on TV race coverage is that new camera and that was the testing ground for it , i guess if the added features will benefit you , its worth the investment , myself , i am still using the non HD 5.0 camera as it suits my needs , though i was thinking of upgrading to just the regular HD model so i can get more footage because of the ability to use larger capacity memory cards and larger/add-on battery packs

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