2011 300XC Jetting with Pro Circuit Platinum 2 Pipe

I just purchased a Pro Circuit Platinum 2 Pipe and standard 304 silencer combo for my 2011 300XC and was wondering if I need to make any jetting changes or can I continue to follow the jetting chart in the manual?

Did you install it and ride it? I'm guessing your weather has changed and it might help to ballpark the jetting before your first ride.

I just received it today and I have not got a chance to install it. I tried calling Pro Circuit but they don't have any jetting specs (kind of hard to believe). I have a race this weekend and do not have time to do any testing. Do you generally need to go richer or leaner when using an aftermarket pipe/silencer combo on a 2011 300 XC?

I don't think there is any rule for jetting, I would wait until after the race if you feel like the bike is jetted correctly with the stock stuff. Then you can ride them back to back. Fresh plug and so on.

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