What Cams?

My 2002 WR250F is in need of new cams, it's a low hour bike, any suggestions as to what manufactures I should look into, should I go after market or OEM? Thanks for any help.

Whatever you choose you should get 2003 or newer cams so you can have auto decomp. What makes you say the cams are in need of a change? Depending on what youre looking for Hot Cams are affordable. The popular set up is stage 1 intake and stage 2 exhaust. Stage 1 is for lower to mid and stage 2 is more mid to top. For a few bucks more and more performance contact Jesse Williams for his cams.


The gears on the stock cams spun do to backfiring, that problem is being looked into by the mechanic at Pro-Action, he has a set of cams that where loaned to him to test in my bike, but I'm going to need to buy a set.

Ahh. Well Hot Cams are sold everywhere at a descent price but you can usually find good used stock ones on ebay if you want OEM. Hot Cams will give you a slight increase in performance.

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