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Untangling stuck winch cable?

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Just picked up a UTV that has a front winch. Unfortunately when trying to use I noticed the winch got bound on itself (crossed cable when they wound it back in) by previous owner. I can get it to wind out about 3-4 feet before it catches on it's bound cable and will reverse itself due to the bind, and start pulling the cable back in on itself again.

So question is: how do I get it unstock from itself? I can't seem to get the winch to freewheel. So only thing I can think of is to hook it up to a truck and have the truck pull it free from itself while hitting the unwind button on the remote at the same time. Thoughts?

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I have had to untangle the winch cable on my quad for the same reasons. The following is how I have done it.

1. Tie off cable to large tree.

2. Unwind cable till it starts to pull back in.

3. Put in reverse.

4. Liberal application of throttle.

5. Repeat steps 2-5 as needed.

6. Go see chiropractor to fix back/neck as needed.

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