Fork oil

Hey guys...what weight/brand fork oil would you reccomend using in a 05' 450? I had the suspension done by MDK a few years back and there is no sticker with the details of what was used. I ride single track and weigh 190. much do i put in? I need to service my front forks as it's been about 3 years since i had them done.


I use 5 wt fork oil. Maxima Racing Fork Fluid (Blue label) is my preferred fork oil. For your application, I would start out at 350cc. If you decide you need more, then you can add it easily. It will be a big hassle removing fork oil if you start with too much oil in the forks, so that's why its better to put the lower range of the spectrum of fork oil volume in rather than high.

i agree , i use the maxima 5 blue fluid,start with 350 is good but i run 410 on my last 05 450 crf. i have problem of bottoming.what your clicker setting you running now??

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