engine oil overflowing

I have an 05' crf250. Recently, once the bike is started, oil from the engine comes out of one of the overflow tubes and runs the bike completely dry. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

Busted ring is a good possibility. Sounds like pressure is building up in the crankcase. Do you still have the breather tube that comes off the valve cover hooked up like it was from the factory? If so, it should also be filled with oil. Are you refering to the overflow tube that comes off the back part of the engine behind the kick starter?

yeah it is definately pressure building up in the crankcase because when I unscrew the oil refil plug, pressure escapes out. and Yes im pretty sure it is the over flow tube. It does come out underneath the bike near the swingarm

Until you start breaking it down, its just a guess as to what could be wrong. Being an 05, it could be quite a few things. Let us know?

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