Fuel leaking out of intake when not running

Hi everyone,

I have a Yamaha TTR 90 and I just pulled the carb and cleaned it and put it back on and got the bike running. Runs good and cranks easy. But when I turn it off, fuel slowly leaks out the intake of the carb. It drips enough to be a problem. What would cause that? Do I need to adjust the needle valve? Or something else? I hate to go back in the carb but if I have to...



Float needle valve is dirty.

I just cleaned out the carb and took all those parts out. They were so clean you could eat off of them! So I assume a piece of dirt could have gotten down in it since I put it together? Maybe I should add a fuel filter in case in came through the fuel tank/line?



It's not a dirt issue it's a corrosion issue.

The Needle valve and it's cavity need to be de-corroded with brass cleaner or similar.

You say the carb's 'intake', do you mean the fuel inlet? That would be a set of orings most likely.

Does it do it with the petcock turned off?

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