Selling price for WR450

Hi guys,

I'm selling my WR450 (Canadian model). It's too much bike for me when racing enduros. I'm not sure what price to ask for it. Does anybody out there know what these bikes are selling for?



Just curious. What are you going to ride instead?

I'm thinking about a 250F. Not sure whether to get the WR or YZ. I like the light weight of the YZ but the WR would have better bottom end torque.

id say 5000- 5500 is the sweet spot maybe some more with some mods and defenitly more with the 2 year warranty deal :)

I went on and they had a bunch of brand new ones with the lowest price being from Ohio at $5495. 1 used one the guy states has 20 miles on it for $4950. Just a little comparision for ya.

$4000 to $4,300 is a fair selling price for a slightly used WR450 in great shape. :)

If anybodys interested I'd sell mine all aftermarket and all the stock parts included . Bike is mint. ran on amsoil and filter every 15hrs. Filter was spotless every time.

$10,200 canadian into it.

I want $6000 US and meet me in montana. :)

1-780-675-9565 .

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