Bad bearings in steering column

The steering on my 05 yz125 is feeling weird right now. First of all, there is basically a "free play" in my steering in that when I first start turning the wheel it is easy to turn for ~20 degrees each way and then it gets real stiff. It basically feels like the bearings are gone bad. Is this any easy fix? what kind of money will it cost? also, when i am turning the wheel in this free play area, the rubber piece moves with the column and then it stops when it gets stiff

Yes. Remove the top tripple crown, then remove the fork assy. Replace the bearings and reinstall. Probably the bottom bearing is done, possible top one too.

You'll need races too. Might as well get an ALL Balls kit, cheaper and has everything. Getting the bottom bearing off can be a bit of a chore. Depending on your tools and experience you might want to have a shop change out that bearing for you.

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