Thunder Valley Outdoor MX out for 2012?


I've seen a bunch of rumors that TV outdoor national is being replaced by a round in the southeastern US. AMA won't add a national date.

contact the lucas oil pro mx people here

General Questions:

Event Director, Roy Janson:

Race Director, Jeff Canfield:

Event Operations, John Ayers:

Press and Media Relations, Brandon Short:


PHONE: (304) 284-0101

FAX: (888) 339-9416

Tell them to add a date and not take ours..!!!!!!!!

Where have you seen this?

Man, that would absolutely suck!! :busted:

I just did some on-line searching, but could only find a bunch of sites stating the AMA has yet to announce its 2012 schedule. I don't know about you, but I love taking my boys to that race -- PLUS, it's nice to see the pros having to deal with the same jetting issues all of us who ride at this altitude deal with. :busted:

Check a bunch of nob mx forum sites now the hot tip is Steel City or High Point, one of the PA races. Just don't want it to be Colorado's race, how bout you?

What are the issues at Pala? I remember in year one it was total gridlock for the fans as far as getting to the track, but I didn't hear that about last year's race and don't know if the AMA got involved in that or not.

Issue seems to be with management at Pala. Just my guess it could be same issue as Glen Helen, they want a long term contract for a date, like 10 years and AMA-mxsports isn't going that route.

I am glad they are moving us up earlier in the year, not too hot!

I agree that not as hot as late June would be good.

In any event, in part, the link below says:

"The 2012 race schedule for the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship will be released in the coming months and will feature a 12 race season at the nation's premier tracks."

The MXA site made it sound like its only the season ending location(s) that are not nailed down, so maybe the 6/2/2012 date is good for us. Time will tell.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Schedule

May 19 Hangtown Motocross Classic* Sacramento, Calif.

May 26 Freestone Raceway* Wortham, Texas

June 2 Thunder Valley Motocross* Lakewood, Colo.

June 9 High Point Raceway Mt. Morris, Pa.

June 16 Budds Creek Motocross Mechanicsville, Md.

July 7 RedBud* Buchanan, Mich.

July 14 Spring Creek Motocross* Millville, Minn.

July 21 Washougal MX Park Washougal, Wash.

August 11 Moto-X 338* Southwick, Mass.

August 18 Unadilla New Berlin, N.Y.

September 1 Steel City Raceway* Delmont, Pa.

September 8 TBA* Southern Calif.

So where is that mystery venue in California for the last race, any guess?

So where is that mystery venue in California for the last race, any guess?

Rumer has it at Lake Elsenor:ride::lol::ride:

Yep...I believe RacerX tweeted that it could be Elsinor.

Wow! That looks sick.

I wish we had tracks here with white rail fences, trees, grass. :-)

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