Rear wheel removal

Hi everyone,

I have a 2005 WR450F and I need to change the rear tyre as it is worn. Thus, I would like to know please if it is possible to remove the rear wheel without disassembling the chain??

My chain has a master link with a clip on it (I know it is easier to remove it with a clip but I did not want to remove the chain to remove the rear wheel).



No need to disassemble the chain to remove rear wheel

chain will lift off rear sprocket when you removed wheel spindle (push wheel forward a bit) and wheel will come out

After removing the axle just push it forward and wiggle the wheel a bit and pull the chain off the rear sprocket. Then, when putting the wheel back on push the wheel forward, put the chain on the sprocket, and reinstall the axle.

i pull the nut off the right side.

slide the axle to the sprocket side enough that it clears the adjuster block from the adjuster bolt

slide wheel assy fwd

remove chain from sprocket by rotating the wheel backward

slide out axle

remove wheel

Thanks for the input gents!!

Will give it a try this weekend.

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