1988 XR600R RPM Shift Range

Hello everyone..

I am installing a Trail Tech speedometer computer on my 88 XR600R and was curious about the RPM shift range for this bike and what is the safest maximum RPM level is for a sustained period of time. I plan on taking it on a cross state off-road adventure route here in Oregon.

Where in Oregon are you?


Ahh Im in Grants Pass. I would just stay off the red line, depending on your gearing you should be fine.

There is currently no tach on it. So I am not sure where to set the red line at.

Peak power isn't going to be any higher than the upper 5,000rpm range, so I would set the redline between 6,200 and 6,500.

The higher your sustained highway rpm, the hotter the engine is going to run. 5,000rpm is probably my upper comfort limit and 14/48 gearing with a 100-110/18 tire will put engine rpm around 5,100 at 70mph. 14/45 will drop it to just a smidge under 5k.

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