I finally got my bike out in the sand after getting it around August! My first bike since my 1970 CT70. and my 4wheelers..But jumping on a bike just feels sooo much better! Didnt get pictures of me jumping over the tops of dunes, nothing too huge. But we did get a couple pics of smaller jumps. Lets see some of your dune/sand jumps!313537_2404412561560_1588517610_32267912_2046262431_n.jpg





haha nothing to huge? Looks pretty huge to me haha.

Nice Pics!

looks like no pre-jump :lol:

i don't think i have any recent pictures of jumping, but


i don't think i have any recent pictures of jumping, but


Where is this at?

nice pictures guys! keep em coming


This is on my old crf450 out at gordons well


Cool jump i found out at pismo on my old crf



this is the little dunes out at superstition


this is my friend tyler alllllll bottomed out on that pismo jump above :lol:

Where is this at?


How often do you go to the desert? What part of town do you live in?

i'm in encinitas. I used to go to the desert every other or third weekend. I started ucsd this year and have only been able to go out once this season so far. I have this december off so i'll be going to superstition, ocotillo, gordons, and the tracks inbetween.

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