ics spring broken

i have revalved a yz 450 2010 and kxf 450 2009 this days and i have found the ics spring broken near the base , is just a coincidence or this ics are sensitive?what can broke the spring???

Sometimes they are broken especially when there are long service intervals. There is some moisture behind the free piston and there isn't good lubrication either so springs start to rust and some day they are broken (from top cap side KYB).

yes i found the rust, the yamaha have 60 hours and the kxf 85 hours

now new spring and hole in free piston , the oil can lubricate the spring

You're talking about the spring being broken, not the plastic floating piston?

yes the spring from top cap side kyb

I'm yet to find an IC spring broken. I've seen plenty of the plastic pistons broken.

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