fork compatibility questions

I have a 96 RM 250 with a motor out of an 02. My forks are leaking, I was planning on having the seals fixed but I came across a 99 RM (he's not sure if its a 125 or 250 since he listed for a friend) that is complete minus the motor for cheaper than what it would cost me to have my seals done.

Will the forks swap over? Worst case scenario would I have to swap over the triple and axle spacers? I plan on buying this bike after work so any info is greatly appreciated. Thanx.

I tried adding pictures but I only saw a link to add from photobucket and well its blocked at work.

Probably will fit..........with the usd triple clamps.

USD triple clamps? Are those the ones on the 99?

Yes, the '99 and newer RM's (125 & 250) went back to USD forks. And "yes", if you used the ENTIRE front end off of your donor RM (triple clamps, forks and wheel assembly) then yes it should bolt right on.

HOWEVER ~ if it's a 125 then you will need to do something about the springs and valving.

The guy backed out on selling it. It was complete minus the motor for $100 which is why i considered buying it. I'll just have my seals fixed now.

Thanx for the replies.

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