Central Coast D/S riders


Looking for some more central coast ds riders to hit local trails and do some adventure D/S camping. Me and a buddy have been doing some sweet rides and are looking for some more adventures.....We both live in Lompoc but were down to hit Slo or SB county.

I live in Santa Maria and do several dual sport outings each month in addition to using my 690 to commute to Buellton. I usually ride with a friend who has a te630 and another friend with a drz400. I'll be riding the D37 Barstow to Vegas dual sport ride the saturday after thanksgiving if you care to expand your riding venues.

What local trails have you guys been riding? I don't know of anything (legal) close to Lompoc? We've been torturing ourselves on nightrides lately and may go out again on sunday evening after I install my grip heaters (I finally had enough of wearing 2 pairs of gloves and still having purple fingers!)

PM me or reply back here if you want to meet up!

we might be planning another Carrizo Plains ride soon too


I am also in Lompoc and ride an XR400. We are heading out next week to Spangler for the Thanksgiving holiday. But, I would be up for some local stuff.

bumping this old thread...

check out the Cal Poly Penguins' Hi Mountain Dual Sport ride happening on the 29th of this month: http://www.cppenguinsmc.com/

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