Okay so i just bought a 2006 KX250F for a motor cycle shop. I started riding the bike and the backfire wasnt bad when it was warming up but after it was warmed up in iddle it still had backfire. and when i ride it easy it has backfire to it too. so i took it to the shop i bought it from said there was nothing wrong and it so post to do it. So is that true because i thought there wasnt so post to be any backfire unless you get in the high rpms.

Wow have you came to the right place for good information! Use the search function up top to search this forum for "Lean" or maybe "backfire". You will find plenty of discussions on the topic. It is probably needs the fuel screw adjusted, or larger pilot jet (42 is very common), or hot start is not fully seated, or has an air leak. Good luck and welcome.

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