2007 200 xc top end power mods

Hey guys,

I picked up a 2007 200xc a few weeks ago. Bike is awesome, just doesn't have that high end pull I was hoping for. Now I know what I'm asking is kind of backwards for what the bike was intended for, but I'm sure there are some things to get this thing to scream up top. I was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions on getting this bike to carry more power up top. I heard of the head milling being a great mod for all around power, and I heard of changing the cdi to an mx version, what cdi would you guys recommend? Wasnt sure if the different cdi's from the different bikes (125, 144, 250 etc) offered different power hits. My bike is set up as follows:

Pilot: 45

Main: 168

Air screw: 1.5

Twin Air Filter

FMF Gnarly Pipe

Stock Gearing (Going to 14-46 once this back sprocket wears out)

I plan on ditching the gnarly pipe and getting another pipe more suited for my wants. Any other recommendations for more top end power? Thanks in advance.


That is a 36mm carb right? What needle/clip position?

Any pipe but the Gnarly will help. Hardparts pipe has more mid and top than stocker.

CDI from 144/150.

I don't think the head mod will make a huge difference in top end pull; could be wrong.

Carb bore definitely: keyhole bore, or straight up 2 to 3 mm increase.

The best mod for top end would easily be to get rid of the Gnarly for almost any other pipe. The stocker is very good but very thin, the hardparts pipe is my favorite but you may like something else better. After that, I think the next best would be the SX ignition.

Thanks a lot for clearing that up guys, I appreciate it

That is a 36mm carb right? What needle/clip position?

Yes the 36mm carb and I believe its the stock needle setting, I tried adjusting it when I first got the bike but the cable was jammed, I'm going to give it another go soon. Any recommendations for the needle? I read a lot of people like the CR250R needle, not sure what year from though.

And everyone else thanks a lot for clearing things up and for the replys :busted:

EDIT: What year 144/150 cdi should I get? Thanks

engines are air pumps. to achieve a nice top end, you need to have efficient air flow.

CDI is not a necessity and I wouldn't put it near the top of the expense list till you get the motor ready to move the air. My 05 200E screamed up top with a few mods and even a Gnarly.

However, if you really are looking to get to that SX type delivery, then you need to look at the parts they had.

First thing, for topend, I would look into a bigger carb. The SX's (200 and 144) have 39mm carbs. I have one if you are interested, slide too and will make ya a deal on it.

I also have the lighter 2k1 FW that the 144's come with if interested. Won't help topend, but it will spool up faster.

200SX pipe, the FMF 200SX Fatty is what you should look at to gain the higher end. There has been much discussion about the Factory pipe vs Gnarly and it has been posted that FMF says the Factory pipe is a thinner Gnarly for all intents and purposes. Without hearing myself, or seeing the pipes next to each other, I can't say.

Head mod, a must and it would be the first thing on my list. If you want it to breathe, you need to get the combustion chamber dialed in. Porting will also help. KTM is very liberal on squish tolerances to accommodate the crappy fuel sold around the world.

Then it is just a matter dialing in the jetting and PV.

Hopefully, I will get to test a 200 CDI against this 144 CDI on my bike sometime soon to see the difference.

BTW, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic lately, creating a current "200 SX".

At this point, I wouldn't say my converted 144/200 SX isn't any hotter than my 05 200 E and in fact believe it is less so...

Thanks a lot, pm sent

I had a Gnarly on the bike (06 XC) right before I bought the KTM Hardparts pipe. It's definitely not the same. I've heard conflicting reports about what pipe it really is and it's possible that it may have changed over the years. Mine was bought in 08 so it may not be the same as what they sell now. The CF pipe guard I had on the Gnarly didn't fit the Hardparts pipe and the power delivery is very different. The Gnarly is a great pipe for the right purposes but it does really kill the top end. The original pipe was really good too (maybe the best) but it lasted exactly one good fall. It's made of tin foil. After I crumpled it I put on the Gnarly which I liked at first, but then I started to miss the top end rush. I did some research and the Hardparts seemed like the way to go. I bought it and immediatley liked it. Whats funny though is that we straightened out the bends I had inflicted on the Gnarly and tried it on my buddies 03 SX (after he crushed his stock pipe) and he really liked it. Maybe the bigger carb and the ignition on the SX make up for some of what the Gnarly takes away. We both have the same head mods and porting.

Where in the heck can I find the hardparts pipe? I cant seem to find it. :lol:

Where in the heck can I find the hardparts pipe? I cant seem to find it. :lol:

It's probably one of these pipes (see link, on left side select EXHAUST SYSTEMS, then SXS 2-STROKE) but it just doesn't say "Hard Parts" on the pipe descriptions.

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