KTM ignition question

I just purchased a 2010 KTM 530 EXC with all the right mods. It is an awesome bike and I am super happy so far. The previous owner replaced the stock on/off switch with a push button kill switch. I find myself forgetting to turn off the key every time I stop. Will this cause damage to the ignition due to the push button having the circuit closed and ready to start. Should i put the switch back on?

If the lights are on the battery will die, otherwise it wont hurt a thing.

Thanks thats kinda what I figured. I put the old switch back on anyways. Didn't see the reason for changing it in the first place.

Probably changed it because although the chances are slim, the key can get turned off and dissapear if something snags on it. I've seen it happen once in my lifetime and i'm 53

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