one more leatt astar question if thats ok lads??

just wondering lads, as i sit here playing with the leatt adventure and astar bns. . . sipping my tea and pondering crashing each of them.

has anyone replaced the carbon strut on the back of the leatt with a more sacrificial material like a hard plastic that would be similar to the astar and not as likely to break everything around it like the carbon has being blamed for. i think it would be the best of both worlds. i like the usability of the astar ie the way it goes on and the general concept and design but the build quality of the leatt and finish and far better then the astar. the carbon is a bit overly hard and i can see the point about it doing damage to the rider. couldnt be a hard thing to do and surely im not the first to think of it. anyone like myself will know there is nothing special in the type of plastic used in the astars rear strut.

bump anyone?

must say the astar is defo too narrow and my head moves over each side which makes me think it could do more damage in a crash acting as a fulcrum. iv yet to use them in the field . . . gett it :busted: as for the collar bone issue in having played with sizing both avoid my collar bone but in a crash things do move. its a part of bike riding anyway so i dont feel either would pass safety checks if they caused the direct breaking of the collar bone. at the end of the day the cause is the dumb ass that got on one of those motorcycles :busted:


Just don't wear the stupid thing, there you go problem solved.

ha yeah tp be honest a bit of research and i feel the whole thing is a bit of a false profit

ha yeah tp be honest a bit of research and i feel the whole thing is a bit of a false profit

I couldnt agree more...

but im still curious to know if anyone has done what i am thinking of

I don't think anyone is willing to cut up their $400 necklace. You can't have your bling lookin' all Bubba Gumped together with duct tape.

na lad no damage to it im talking about replacing the carbon strut on the back of the adventure with a more flexable material. not exactly a difficult task. measure the carbon, cut and drill new material. remove carbon with screwdriver replace with new bit screw in. job done. duct tape is not a material i believe in. il use my industrial design degree and a few shed tools instead. :lol:

Well, replacing it with a more flexible material kinda defeats the purpose IMO. It is designed to stop your head from rotating too far. A broken collarbone (been there, done that...twice) is nothing compared to a broken neck!

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