Kx 250f?????

Ok so i got a guy that wants to trade me his 07 kx250f and his 06 kx250f(parts bike) for my 2000 cr250r. 07 is a running bike just claims it needs a top end job but still runs good with hot shot device, carbon fiber pipe. The 06 is a parts bike with everything but cylinder, piston and rings. He has 2 extra sets of wheels, exhaust, suspension and all kinds of stuff. My cr has pro circuit pipe 304 silencer, v-force reeds, fly wheel weight, and recent top end rebuild. Guess my question is, is this too good to be true or are these bad years of kx's?:busted: Anything special i should know or look for when i trade? I had an 06 rmz 250 and know they are the same as the 06 kxf. And that rmz was the best riding bike suspension wise i have ever ridden.

06 KX250f was different than the 06 RMZ/////06, 07 and 08 kx250f are awesome bikes in every way

06 and 07 are great years, but I wouldn't trade a perfectly running bike for two that don't. But thats just my opinion and doesn't really answer your question.

The 07 does run and he says it runs good still. Just due for a top end job. I dont know what to do really, I was hoping that you guys would make it a little easier for me. I thought the only difference in the rmz and the kxf was the aluminum frame but as always i must be wrong(according to the wife). As long as the 07 is a whole and running bike. Main thing i was really looking for is that these are good years of kxf's. Thanks alot guys!!

Ok, heres a better response than my first. I had an 06, my cousin had an 06, and my brother has an 07. My cousin and I had ours for about 4 years each and my brother has had his for a year. We have never had any problems with them.

Yes these are really good years. Ryan Villipotto won the 250 nat in 06&07 on the kxf250, and also the 06&07 won the 250 shootouts in most dirtbike mags those years. I have an 07 so I did my research before i got it!!!

Thanks alot guys for all the good info. But i think the guy is backing out. But hey thats cool too. I'll still be ridin!!!

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