one more rebuild question

ok so how do you KDX owners tourque down the jug?i cant get my tourque wrench and a socket in the cylinder you use an open end wrench that fits a ratchet?sorry about the bad spelling its been a long day at work and i cant think very well hahahaha

Motion Pro makes them. You can get them at Rocky Mt.

I believe this is the answer to your question:

Yup. Used one on mine this summer, works great. Gotta do a little ciphering to allow for the extra length of the MP wrench, but it comes with good instructions and the formula needed to get the correct torque setting.

Just use the wrench at a right angle. I have one, and it works well.

crap im gonna have to wing it on this one i think,theres no way i can get one in time to have my bike back together for thanksgiving break,do you guys think that an open end wrench end that fits on a ratchet would get me a close enough torque setting?

You could probably get it with a box end wrench. Use another bolt somewhere and do some practice with your torque wrench and the box end to get an idea of what 18 lbft feels like on the box end.

Just make sure to get all 4 bolts the same. Then recheck them when the Motion Pro wrench adapter gets to you.

thanks hillbilly that was the answer i was hoping for,got a long weekend of riding planed over thanksgiving and i really dont want to have to ride my wifes quad hahahaha

Not that I recommend it but I'll be the first to admit that I torqued the cylinder down on my KDX with my internal torque sensor and a box end wrench since I don't have an adapter. No issues. I don't concern myself about it. I normally torque everything carefully on an any engine or suspension part. Just go in a few increments and tighten evenly. I've done hundreds of V8 intake manifolds with inaccessable bolts like this. Shouldn't have a problem if you've got a feel for it.

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