Ims " xr300 "

Hi fellow XR riders..

*I'll be updating this thread, probably with a different format/layout.. right now, I just have some general questions and maybe a little show and tell.*

I picked this bike up about 5 months ago... kind of a short but interesting story of how I got it, but, it doesn't matter.

It's been sitting in my storage unit for about that whole time since I bought it, I recently went back to CA and picked it up. Now I need to fix it up and see exactly what I bought. (I had the bike for 3 days before I had to put it in storage). It was running when I bought it, I actually rode to AAA to do all the paperwork/insurance... when I brought it home to TX it ran. I let it sit again for about a month, I tried to start it up yesterday, and no startey.

Here's some specs:

1997 XR 250R that used to be owned by IMS(or one it's riders) and is very tricked out.

It's CA street legal.

bored out to 290cc

Mikuni pumper carb-- I have a question about this.. please see below

Stroker exhaust system (I think this is a Pro Circuit company?)

talon hubs fr. & rr.

Aftermarket clutch basket (Hinson? )

Devol Frame Guards

Basically anything IMS made for the XR250 is on this bike.

1997 CR250R Front end.

Has "hot start" system

I'll update as I find more to add.

If anybody has info. on this bike or stories, feel free to share. I vaguely remember seeing something about it online or in a mag a long time ago.... so, when I saw it in person, I had to pick it up :busted:

Here's some pics.

This bike was featured in a Japanese Dirt Bike mag, which came with the bike... I can't read any of it. These pics of the bike are from the mag... Mar. 1999 issue.






In it's current state:


my never let me down 400


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Can anybody help me identify this carb?

It's a Mikuni, and from what I can see, it's a pumper carb.... I'm going to be rebuilding, at least cleaning and re jetting, but, first I'd like to know which model this is..

Shifter Side


Kickstart Side


Barely visible in pics and real life # stamping on kickstart side


View from airbox looking toward front end


nice... sounds like a great score... when did you buy the bike and what did it run ya ???

have fun with it..:busted:

nice... sounds like a great score... when did you buy the bike and what did it run ya ???

have fun with it..:busted:

I bought the bike about 5 months ago...been in my storage unit for about 4 months.

I didn't pay the full $2900 asking price, but, it was around in that ballpark. (this is where the short and interesting story would take place)

I'll definitely have fun with it once I get it running again...

Add XR 400 oil cooler to the list of goodies...

Add XR 400 oil cooler to the list of goodies...

forgot to mention.. it has one of those also. :busted:

first thing I noticed when I went to look at it... ("OMG it already has that oil cooler mod done to it", I thought)

it's plumbed into the frame like my 400, not sure if that's the conventional way to add the xr400 oil cooler.

got it running today.. basically took me 4-5 hours to clean a carb, I suck. A pretty detailed cleaning, figured out what jets/needle I have etc.

(first time I've had this bike apart at all to my defense)

Found out that the carb is the Mikuni 33 8012 (pumper)... I guess those stamped #s meant something.

I'm pretty sure I have a leaking head gasket, but the bike runs "well".

(I see caked oil/dirt in the gasket area right below where the headers are located)

stoked.. didn't plan on messing with it for a while(next weekend or after thanksgiving).. just started doing 1 thing after the other and got it running.

Now hopefully, it'll start tomorrow.

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