Leaking coolant out top end! Need help

So i just put my intire engine back together after broken clutch basket and now when i fire it up it sounds like its going to blow up. There is coolent leaking out top end cap and bottom of top end. It doesnt smell the same. Smell like coolant is burning. I drained it took off the water pump cover and kicked it and it seems to be working. Can anyone help?

Oh and it keep back firing like bad.


sounds like you did not assemble correctly

Leaking from where the cylinder meets the rest of the engine ? Maybe the gasket is broken or not tight....

You need to clean that coolant up, It is highly toxic

So, base of cylinder and cylinder head?

You'll have to take it back apart and check your gaskets.

My guess is that it was torqued incorrectly.

check your gaskets and make sure the mating surfaces are COMPLETELY clean. might need to use a little gasket sealer like yamabond. also, use a torque wrench when tightening the bolts up and tighten them in sequence.

Warped surface, bad gasket, incorrect torque...could be a number of things.

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