1988 xr carb O.D inlet

Could someone tell me what the outside dimension is for a 1988 single carb where the air filter intake boot clamps onto?? I would really appreciate it!

I've got an 89...Closest I get is 58mm with the digital calipers,,Any special reason you needed the 88,,All the Airbox boots are much the same on the single carb XR600s,, Airbox I'm using is actually from a single carbed RFVC XR350,,it's the same as the 600

Edited by Horri

I have 88 xr 600 carb on my 99 650l fit great,if that helps

When I made an adapter for my FCR carb the OD was 58mm and it was a perfect fit (tight, but not forced, just how I like my...)

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